If you like to use affiliate links on your blog you’re going to love using ShareASale. Yes, I know at first it’s a little hard to understand, but it’s simple once you get use to the site.use shareasale

It’s a great way to write about what you love and share programs you love with your readers while also making money from that blog post.How do you use ShareAsale?

What’s ShareASale:

ShareASale is an affiliate network that allows you to become an affiliate of different programs without having to go to different sites.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for ShareASale. Signing up is a 5 step process.

  1. Your login information
  2. Your website information
  3. Your email. If you use a regular email it can take a day or so to get approved, but if you use your website .com email (even if it forwarded) you don’t have to wait.
  4. Your contact information
  5. You payment information.

Use Shareasale

Once you sign up you then need to search for merchants you want to work with.One thing I love about ShareASale is they have affiliate programs for everything from WordPress themes to Clothes.

To search for a merchant got to merchants and then to search. Once here you can see what’s popular, searches you’ve done previously, and you can see programs for the holidays.

You can also search by merchant, product, advanced search, or you can browse merchants by categories.

Use Share A Sale


Once you’ve found a merchant you like click on them. The next screen will tell you everything you need to know about that site and what they pay.

use shareasale

What does all this mean?

  • Merchant Basics- The name of the merchant and their website.
  • Commission Structure- This tells you what you make pre-sale. In this case, it’s 15%.
  • Vitals- The cookies means the tracking cookies is live for. In this case, it’s for 60 days. (you get a commission if they buy within 60 days)
  • EPC(100)- is the amount earned per 100 clicks in 7 days and 30 days.
  • Reversal Rate- This is the percentage of reversals. Meaning someone bought and then returned.
  • Average Sale- This is on average whatever sale is.
  • Average Commission- This is the average commission for affiliates.

Once you find a program you like you will need to apply. Read through the terms and conditions. If you agree to them check the I agree  box and then Click on “join program”.

There are two ways to get approved. If the program automatically approves your in, but sometimes the merchant has to manually approve you. If they have to manually approve you is can take a few days.

Use ShareASale


Once you approved you will need to get link or banner for that program to do that you simply go to links and then to get links/banners. Once there  you will see merchant  programs. Click on “get links”Use ShareASale

This is where you can get links to go in your blog post, banners to go on your site, or find deals/promotions that program is offering. Once you have your links ShareASale does the rest. They will then track your clicks and your sales.Use ShareASale

To see what you’re earning from that link you go to Report and then merchant summary. This is where you’ll be able to see what you’ve earned for each program, and how many clicks you’re getting per program.

You can also tell by the chart which program is performing better than the others.Use ShareASale

With ShareASales, you can get a checked mailed or direct deposit. ShareASale also gives you the option to choose when you get paid. The minimum is 50$ but can go as high as $1000.

To change you payment setting you just go to Account> Edit settings.

If you’re looking for an affiliate that offers a lot of different programs, ShareASale is for you.

Make sure you remember that when using ShareASale you still must properly disclose.

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